Concord Card Casino Braunau

Try your luck at the poker casino near the border between Germany and Austria.

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The Concord Card Casino in Braunau am Inn is located at the middle of 1 Neue Innbrucken Street. Nearby is a marker of the state of Upper Austria, as the casino is located close to the Inn River separating Austria from Germany. It is one of the 12 casinos operated by the CCC Group, a European flagship company. The casino is recognizable through its exterior consisting of white walls and huge posters identifying it as a Concord Card Casino. It has only one floor.

The interior of the casino is very much inspired by Royalist France, with a predominantly blue theme. It has a blue roof, blue walls and curtains, and blue carpeted floors patterned with fleur-de-lises. The bar is an exception; it is white and patterned with a brown top, and surrounded by blue chairs. The casino is moderately lit, but with no large hanging light fixtures focused on the gaming tables. Each of the gaming tables is surrounded by blue chairs with yellow outlines.

All this is available for guests above 18 years of age with valid identification and casual attire.


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Games Available

The Concord Card Casino in Braunau am Inn has no slot machines, but it has 5 poker tables that host daily poker tournaments. These tournaments become Braunau Cups after Christmas Day and they run for the next five days until December 30, at which after the fifth Braunau Cup, the casino holds the Finale. Each of the Braunau Cups has a 50000 EUR prize pool.

Poker tournament schedules are available here. It shows the date and time of each tournament, along with the corresponding CCC location, minimum buy-in (which can be as low as 5 EUR), and maximum prize pool (which can be as high as 100000 EUR).

In tournaments, different poker variants are played, such as No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud Poker.


The Concord Card Casino (CCC) in Braunau am Inn is a standalone casino, which means it is not connected to any hotel, but for those who want to check in, the nearest hotel or lodging house is the SOVEA Hotel along Ostenberger Street, which is a 3-minute drive from the casino.

Not all of the CCC branches have in-house restaurants; this one in Braunau am Inn has a restaurant on site and serves regional cuisine and exquisite wines. Guests have the option to serve their food to the gaming tables.

Unfortunately, CCC does not have any VIP program, but in some branches, private tournaments can be booked the way it is done at the Montesino Casino Vienna.

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