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Portugal Casino Guide

portugal casino guide

Lying on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a naturally blessed country with a beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, and scenic farmlands. Portugal, while geographically a small country, has a long significant history and was once a global power with several colonies across the seas. 

Along with its booming tourism industry, Portugal has a thriving gambling industry that contributes about $210 billion to its national GDP. Here is a brief overview of the casino industry in Portugal. 

Portugal’s first casino commenced operations in the year 1904, while the country has a long history of gambling starting from the national charity quiz held in 1783. During the period of Salazar, gambling was legalized in Portugal, and this led to a boom in the gambling industry in the years from 1926 to 1974. 

Land Based Casinos In Portugal

There are nine popular land based casinos in Portugal. The land-based casinos in Portugal are usually located near tourist destinations and are designed to provide an entertaining experience to players. They incorporate live music, casino thrills, and international shows to attract players. 

Here is a list of casinos in Portugal that are worth a visit:

Most land-based casinos in Portugal are operated by two major corporations namely the:

  • Estoril-Sol Group
  • Solverde Group

Best Casino in Portugal

hotel casino chaves portugal

Hotel Casino Chaves is considered to be the best land-based casino in Portugal. It is a comparatively newer casino with many advanced entertainment facilities and a large number of games. It is named after the city Chavez where it is located. 

This casino is part of a bigger casino chain in Portugal called the Solverde. Along with gambling games like slots and table games, the hotel also provides accommodation and many leisure facilities. 

Another well-known casino in Portugal is the oldest land-based casino in Europe. It still stands beautifully in Portugal under the name of Casino Estroil and very much worth a visit. 

Online Casinos In Portugal

Online Casinos are legal in Portugal for anyone above the age of 18. The revenue from online casinos in Portugal has been estimated to be around $122 million and is expected to grow more in the future.

Some of the popular online casino sites in Portugal are:

  • Betano.com
  • Casino Solverde
  • Bet.Pt
  • Bet Tilt
  • Betclic
  • Bao Casino
  • Bet Way Casino
  • Casino Portugal
  • Luckia Casino
  • Moosh.Pt
  • 888 Casino
  • 22 Bet
  • ESC Online

Newer legislations are expected to provide further rules and regulations regarding the taxations and operations related to online casinos in Portugal. 

The online gambling landscape was left unregulated for a long time. But Portugal has now started regularizing online casinos and has mandated that every operator must have a license to deal with real money.  

More clarity on related laws is yet to be achieved as related bills were not passed in the Parliament. In general, players are free to play at any online casino that accepts players from Portugal. The government follows a friendly approach and allows for safe gambling spaces online. 

Poker in Portugal

Poker games in Portugal are regulated by the Gambling governing body SRIJ (Service De Regulacao e Inspecao De Jogos off Turismo de Portugal). 

Sports Betting, Horse Racing, and Bingo in Portugal

The online operations for Sports booking and lotteries are carried out by the SCML in Portugal. SCML has been in charge of running lotto monitoring and control and running betting games based on football match results. 

Betting on horse races used to be illegal in Portugal. Currently, betting on horse races is allowed in two regions and is expected to bring in a good amount of economic boost to those regions. 

Portugal is also welcoming newer electronic bingo terminals to be used in land-based casinos besides the traditional bingo halls. There are currently 16 bingo halls in Portugal. New laws regarding bingo games allow for a national prize pool and networked bingo terminals. 

Portuguese Cities and Towns with Casinos - A - Z

  • Espinho
  • Estoril

  • Figueira da Foz
  • Funchal

  • Portimão
  • Póvoa de Varzim
  • Quarteira


Q1: Is gambling legal in Portugal?
A1: Yes. Gambling in Portugal is legal. Articles 108, 111, and 114 of the Portuguese Decree-Law 114/2011 mandate the rules and illegal activities related to gambling games in Portugal.

Q2: What is the gambling age in Portugal
A2: The legal age of gambling in Portugal is set at 18. This applies to all types of land-based gambling and online gambling games like lotteries, poker, sports betting, and horse betting.

Q3: Are online casinos legal in Portugal?
A3: Yes. Online casinos are legal in Portugal and can operate with an approved license.

Q4: How many casinos are there in Portugal?
A4: There are 9 land-based casinos in Portugal.