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Belgium Casino Guide

belgium casino guide

Belgium is officially called the Kingdom of Belgium, and is a constitutional monarchy in Western Europe. With a population of 11,591,908 and spread over a surface area of 30.528 square kilometers, it is situated in close proximity to France, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It is home to a plethora of heritage sites of European history. There are some of the great casinos in Belgium that attract tourists and gambling enthusiasts.

Land-Based Casinos in Belgium

There are nine land-based casinos in Belgium. The legal age to enter a land-based casino in Belgium is 21 years. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, offers the best historical tourist spots in the country; but also a place where you can also enjoy the best casino gaming experience.

The following stand out as the most popular land-based Casinos in Belgium:

  • Grand Casino Brussels Viage
  • Grand Casino de Namur
  • Casino de Spa
  • Casino Ostend Kursaal
  • Casino de Dinant
  • Grand Casino Knokke

Best Casino in Belgium

grand casino brussels viage

Belgium offers a lot of good casinos to the tourists, yet the Grand Casino Brussels Viage stands out to be the best and biggest casino in Belgium. Surrounded by a surplus of EU headquarters buildings, this casino attracts many tourists and local visitors from various cultures and ethnicities.  

The casino offers a live gaming area on the first floor. The total slot machines area comprises more than 400 machines with over 150 games; the machines are located on two floors, and the slots and live gaming area merged together. It also offers table games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em, and many more. The poker room offers cash games and rewards that are located on the second floor, and this floor also has a bar so that the visitors could have a drink and watch recent sports events.

Online Casinos in Belgium

Online casinos are both legal and popular in Belgium. The Belgian online casinos offer cash bonuses and continuous promotions for the players. The players can have a safe and transparent experience since they have a lot of options for the game selection in these online casinos.

Here is the list of the most popular online casinos in Belgium:


Online casinos were made legal in Belgium by Belgium Gaming Commission through the Gaming Act of 2011. There are some specific laws for online gambling in Belgium.

  • Online gambling operators must obtain a license to carry on with their activities. 
  • The regulator imposes a fine on players who are involved in online gambling on blacklisted sites.

These online casinos offer many variants of slots, lottery, poker, and table games with very attractive bonuses and cash rewards to the gamblers. 

Poker in Belgium

Poker is very popular in Belgium. Poker can be played both in land based casinos and online poker rooms. However, there are strict laws that governs online poker.

  • Casinos are required to obtain the license for online gambling activities
  • Online poker is regulated by Belgium Gambling Commission as well, and they create such legal licensing aspects to ensure extra layers of protection for Belgian players.
  • It is subject to a fine crime in Belgium to play on unapproved sites.         

You get to play different online poker rooms in Belgium but three key players covering the vast majority of market including: Intertops poker, partypoker, and juicy stakes.

Belgium offers many great land-based casinos like Grand Casino Brussels Viage, Grand Casino de Namur, and Casino de Spa, where the tourists and locals can have a memorable poker experience. Despite the strict regulations, the players can play at the legal online gaming sites, offering cash rewards in the poker tournaments.

Sports Betting, Horse Racing, and Bingo in Belgium

Belgium is a small but established gambling market that offers regulated but extensive gambling options to the tourists. Horse racing is a popular gambling activity in Belgium, and there are a few good horse racing avenues, including Hippodrome de Wallonie, Hippodrome Waregem, and Hippodrome Wellington.

The Belgium Gaming Commission also regulates bingo and sports betting. As per the law, bingo is allowed on both land-based and digital avenues for licensed gambling operators, but there are no such famous avenues.

Sports betting is allowed as per the law in Belgium, and the Gaming Commission regulates players’ activities. Some of the betting sites in Belgium include bwin and Betfair; many Belgians prefer to bet on football, horse racing, and tennis.

Belgian Cities and Towns with Casinos - A - Z

  • Antwerpen
  • Blankenberge
  • Brussels
  • Chaudfontaine
  • Dinant
  • Knokke
  • Milddelkerke
  • Namur
  • Oostende
  • Spa


Q1) Is gambling legal in Belgium?
A1) Yes, gambling is legal in Belgium.

Q2) What is the gambling age in Belgium?
A2) 21 is the legal age for gambling in Belgium.

Q3) Are online casinos legal in Belgium?
A3) Online Casinos are legal in Belgium.

Q4) How many casinos are there in Belgium?
A4) There are nine proper Casinos in Belgium.