Casino JOA des Sables d’Olonne Les Pins

Play, dare, and have fun as you like it while enjoying the life around Les Sables d'Olonne.

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The Casino JOA des Sables d’Olonne Les Pins is one of the 29 branches of the casino operated by the JOA Group. It is located in the town of Les Sables d’Olonne, western France.

Outside, the casino looks like a building from ancient Greece. Inside, it has a plain ceiling, plain walls, and carpeted floors. There are numerous pinlights and corner lights; the latter provide a space-age vibe to the casino. The gaming machines are paired with chairs that have lit screens behind them.

Guests above 18 years old with valid identification and proper attire are allowed to enter the casino. JOA club members can present their membership cards instead of their other valid IDs.


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Games Available

  • 165 slot machines
  • 3 tables Blackjack
  • 1 table Texas Hold ‘Em poker (for non-tournament)
  • 1 table Texas Hold ‘Em poker (for tournament)
  • 2 tables English Roulette
  • 14 positions Electronic Roulette (indoor)
  • 2 positions Electronic Roulette (terrace)
  • 7 positions Electronic Blackjack

At the Casino JOA des Sables d’Olonne Les Pins, guests have a lot of opportunities to try their luck through the casino’s on-site gaming facilities. There are 165 slot machines, 3 tables for blackjack, 2 tables each for Texas Hold ‘Em poker (1 reserved for poker tournaments every Friday) and English roulette, 7 positions of Electronic Blackjack, and 16 positions for Electronic Roulette (including 2 positions at the terrace).

The casino also hosts its own jackpot sessions, and players can participate by betting through select slot machines at a fixed bet.

Guests can avail of membership at the JOA club, which can be done at either onsite or online at Benefits include earning loyalty points through playing at slot machines or table games.


The Casino JOA des Sables d’Olonne Les Pins has air conditioning, free parking and Wi-Fi, real-time sports broadcasting through its flat-screen TVs, and other amenities for guests to enjoy the nearby surroundings.

The in-house restaurant offers a lot of delightful dishes that reflect the high standards of French cuisine; their dishes vary per season but they are usually prepared as three-course meals including their designated dishes of the day. Guests can opt to dine on either the terrace or the restaurant garden. While restaurant guests can enter without needing to visit the casino first, it is open every day during lunch and dinner times only.

The two in-house bars provide drinks and other amenities for their guests. The Pineapple Cafe Bar also provides them with an opportunity to play minigolf, while the Night Bar Le 14 accommodates concerts and a nightclub known in the town as “Le Cotton”. While they are both accessible via the main casino, they have different operating hours; the Pineapple Cafe Bar is open every day from 10 a.m., while the Night Bar Le 14 is only open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

JOA club members can use their earned loyalty points at the in-house restaurants and bars.

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Avenue Rhin et Danube 14
Les Sables d'Olonne FR
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Non-poker tables: 5 Poker tables: 2 Electronic gaming positions: 23 Slot machines: 165 Self parking: Yes __________________________ - Opening Hours - Sun - Thu = 10 am - 4 am Fri - Sat = 10 am - 4 am