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The Casino Bregenz is one of 12 casinos operated by the Casinos Austria International group. Located near the shoreline of Lake Constance at the border with Germany, the environment is a mixture of Vegas and the neoclassical period.

Externally, the casino exudes a modern vibe with unique architecture complete with an LED display beside the main entrance. It is also identifiable with the CASINO BREGENZ name on the LED display.

The interior presents a neo-classical environment; the casino itself has a roof that resembles the sun in its lighting layout. The gaming table area is very spacious with the gaming tables spaced a bit far apart, while the slot machine area has a neat but somehow-cramped layout. The gaming tables and slot machines are paired with wooden chairs, and the entire area has a carpeted floor but without any chandelier; numerous pinlights illuminate the place nicely.

First-timers at least 18 years old with valid ID can be admitted into the casino, free of charge. Welcome chips can be bought at a lower price. Also, dress code is made to fit the elegance of the venue; guests are told to wear an evening gown, jacket, or blazer; for walk-ins that do not have an idea of the dress code, jackets or blazers are available for rent.

Casino Baden is closed every Christmas Eve.


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Games Available

Casino Bregenz has 337 slot machines on site (including 147 for Jackpot Cafe and 190 for Classic Casino). The Jackpot Cafe slot machines are available starting 10 a.m. daily, while the rest are available starting 3 p.m. For Classic Casino guests, bets can range from 1 EUR to 1000 EUR. Easy roulette terminals also accept bets of 2 and 5 EUR. Maximum bet can reach up to 100000 EUR per box for Macau baccarat; such maximum bets are only available for VIPs.

The main casino has different gaming tables on site as well, with 8 tables for American roulette, classified into two: Easy (with 19 terminals) and Multiroulette (with 13 terminals). Guests can also try their luck with blackjack as there are 9 tables available (8 for standard blackjack and 1 for blackjack X-change), or they can play three variants of poker, namely, Stud Poker (1 table), Easy Hold ‘Em (2 tables), and Texas Hold ‘Em (7 tables). Additionally, there is 1 table for Macau baccarat or punto banco.

Cash Game Poker is also present in Casino Bregenz every Friday, Saturday, and holiday, and upon request, every Sunday and Thursday also. The buy-ins can be as low as 50 EUR for Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit and 100 EUR for Omaha Pot Limit while they can be as high as 500 EUR for Texas Hold ‘Em and 300 EUR for Omaha Pot.

Poker tournaments are available; to know more, visit their event calendar here. Generally these tournaments are available every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

The Glucks card enables cardholders to participate in the bonus program, such as the Mystery Ticket for those who use their card to play on the slot machines.


Casino Bregenz is located near Lake Constance and the available amenities on-site ensure an exceptional mix of gaming, entertainment, pleasure, culture, and recreation, among other things.

Special/VIP guests can avail a chauffeur service, allowing them to experience an exclusive airport shuttle to the casino.

Taste buds will be delighted with sumptuous dishes served with the highest standard. All this is available at the Falstaff restaurant, where guests can enjoy the modern architecture, packaged Dinner and Casino setups (worth 20 EUR per person), and hosting of personal events.

Casino Bregenz is standalone, but guests can check in nearby hotels as grand as the casino, such as the 4-star Grand Hotel Bregenz – MGallery. To avail the VIP services, please contact the casino directly via email address or telephone.

Guests can apply and receive their very own Glucks Card upon first visit to the casino; alternatively, they can apply in advance and submit the printed PDF form upon their next visit to the casino. Successive visits entitles them to more benefits and bonuses, such as a 20 EUR bonus on the 20th visit. These bonuses apply also in the other 11 casinos every time guests pay 27 EUR for welcome chips worth 30 EUR. But these bonuses also do not apply for discounted packages or special offers.

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- Casino Stats - Table games: 20 Gaming machines: 337 Self parking: Yes Casino sq/ft: 21,528 sq/ft __________________________ - Opening Hours (for Jackpot Café) - Sun - Thu = 10 am - 4 am Fri - Sat = 10 am - 5 am __________________________ - Opening Hours (for Casino Austria Bregenz) - Sun - Thu = 3 pm -3 am Fri - Sat = 3 pm - 4 am