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Entertainment, bar, billiards, cocktails, slot machines – all this is available to our clients 24/7.
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The Zilais Dimants (Blue Diamond) Casino located along 4 Kreimenu Street is located in Riga, Latvia. This particular casino has a more sophisticated vibe with its sufficient lighting from numerous pinlights from the ceiling, richly decorated walls, and carpeted floors.

The casino has only one floor and is identifiable by the entrance decorated with white walls and the Dimants logo. It is also connected to a Super Netto supermarket, which is recognizable with its blue roof and a predominantly blue logo. The slot machines inside are paired with black chairs.

All this is available for players above 18 years of age. Moreover, the casino is open 24/7.


This casino has not published any offers yet.

Games Available

Enjoy your time between casual dining, drinking, and betting through the 20 available slot machines on the venue. This branch of the Dimants casinos does not have on-site pool tables.

There are different jackpots available, such as the Happy Hour jackpot and the Golden Town jackpot.


The casino contains a sports bar where players can engage in online gaming. It is open 24/7 and comes with free Wi-Fi. Nearby restaurants include the gastropub Vecpuisis and the Cetri krasti cafe. This area where the casino is located is quite far from downtown Riga, where most of the amenities are, including the hotels. It is located near the mouth of the Daugava River which empties into the Baltic Sea.

Players have the option to be part of the Bonus Club through its multi-tiered card system. The basic Bonus Club card allows them to accumulate points through participating in games. To advance through the three levels of the Loyalty Club (Bonus, Brilliant, and Diamond), players need to continuously use their cards in order to accumulate as much points as possible.

Turnover is calculated in points per month, and card upgrades starting at Brilliant are only possible via personal invitation by the casino.

Discounts and other benefits are available to a player upon receiving the Bonus Club card, such as 15% discounts on all drinks at the bar, extra bonuses for attendance, and discount to credit points purchase. Diamond Club cardholders can enjoy more than these, such as invitations to special events and up to 35% discount at the sports bar.

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Kreimenu 4
Riga LV
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- Casino Stats - Slot machines: 20 Free Wi-Fi: Yes Free Parking: Yes Open 24/7: Yes __________________________ - Opening Hours - Mon - Fri = 24/7 Sat - Sun = 24/7