Joker Casino Uzvaras Dobele

Enjoy the thrill of competitive spirit, betting, rivalry, and positive emotions in the SynotTip sports bars on top of the fun with slot machines.

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The Joker casino located along 3 Uzvaras Street is one of the 61 casinos of the Joker group that is located in Latvia. It is the only Joker casino in Dobele town. The casino has a classy space-age environment with its quite spacious interior, wooden dividers, gray ceiling, blue corner lights, gray walls, mirrors, and carpeted floors. The casino has a bar that has two red chairs for each table and a small flat-screen TV.

From the outside, the casino is in a three-storey building with windows on the front and yellow walls on the first floor and brick walls on the upper floors, while the entrance has the Joker logo. The slot machines are paired with black chairs bearing the Joker logo.

Guests of age 18 years old and above with valid ID can enter the casino.


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Games Available

Experience the fun in betting at any of the 30 slot machines in the casino. On top of that, there is a sports bar where guests can watch in real time whichever sport they like to watch.

Guests can avail of the Three-level Jackpot in this casino location.


The Joker casino has an in-house bar, so alcohol is permitted in the premises, but smoking is only limited to the gaming area, not at the bar. There is also free Wi-Fi and parking.

Guests can avail of membership at the casino via the Customer Card. To avail it, they need to come to any branch of the Joker casino and fill up a form, after which they receive the card for free. Benefits include a 10% non-tobacco/non-promo discount at the bar, 2-hour advance reservation of slot machines, 10% discount for billiards, free coffee and tea, and SynotTip betting points that can be encashed after accumulating a certain amount of points. Use the Customer Card for at least 2 months, gamble with an average bet of 2.5 EUR, and be present at any gaming hall once a week entitles a guest to a Joker VIP Card. Benefits include bar discounts of up to 20% and a 3-hour slot machine reservation.

Nearby restaurants to the casino include the Tervete Agrofirma Deli, the Kafejnica Rasa, the Gardi Gan coffee shop, the RaCafe, and the Tervetes Garsu restaurant. Across the casino is a park with an evangelical Lutheran church and the famed Spanish fountain, which is actually a water well. Nearby hotels include Pilsetas Maja hotel and the 2-star Hotel Dobele.

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Uzvaras 3
Dobele LV
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- Casino Stats - Slot machines: 30 Free Wi-Fi: Yes Free Parking: Yes Open 24/7: Yes __________________________ - Opening Hours - Mon - Fri = 24/7 Sat - Sun = 24/7