Cazino Saint-Nectaire

Slots and blackjack in a quaint atmosphere of Saint-Nectaire.

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The Cazino Saint-Nectaire is located in the inland town of Saint-Nectaire, central France, a few hours southwest of the university city of Clermont-Ferrand.

The casino is housed in a mansion with blue roofs and yellow walls while its entrance is decorated with red Casino letters, a blue 777 logo, and a light blue sunburst logo. Inside, it has a white ceiling, a blue carpeted floor, and red walls.

The casino is open from 11 a.m. up to 1 a.m. every Sunday and from 1 p.m. up to 1 a.m. every other day. Guests with proper attire and valid ID can enter the casino.


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Games Available

At the Cazino Saint-Nectaire, guests can enjoy playing to earn points and a chance to win big through the following onsite gaming facilities:

  • 50 slot machines
  • 1 table blackjack

However, the casino does not offer any membership program for its guests and patrons, nor does it host poker cash games and poker tournaments as it has no poker tables onsite.


The Cazino Saint-Nectaire has a restaurant, Le Bistrot de Sharlie, which specializes on traditional cuisine made from local ingredients. It is open for reservation for private events as well.

The restaurant serves appetizers such as Auvergne salad and peasant plate, meat dishes, fish dishes such as truffade, and cheeses and desserts.

The casino hosts musical shows and events such as jazz sessions and cabarets, whose details could be accessed on the casino website.

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Allee du Casino 3
Sainte-Nectaire FR
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Non-poker tables: 1 Slot machines: 50 __________________________ - Opening Hours - Sun = 11 am - 1 am Mon - Sat = 1 pm - 1 am