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Romania Casino Guide

romania casino guide

Romania is a country located in southeastern Europe with a population of 19,237,691 as of 2020, known for the forested region of Transylvania. The seventh most populous country in the EU is home to the world’s most massive buildings and beautiful road. The country is also the best place for 4G network speed and the fifth booziest country. Although it is heavily populated, there are only 20 fully equipped casinos in the country.

Land-Based Casinos

There are 20 land-based casinos in Romania, the largest being the Palace Casino. In Romania, you have to be 18 and older before you can enter a land-based casino. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is the best place for casino gaming. Bucharest is a place with many historic sites, including the Palace of Parliament and Romanian Athenaeum.

Out of the twenty land-based casinos in Romania, here is the list of most popular casinos:

  • Palace Casino Bucharest
  • Casino Vesuvius
  • The Abandoned Constanta Casin
  • Planet Princess Slot Casino
  • Grand Casino Bucharest
  • Platinum Casino Bucharest

Best Casino in Romania

palace casino bucharest

Although there are various fantastic casinos in the country, however, Palace Casino is one of the best and biggest in Romania, located in Bucharest. It is located in the heart of the city’s capital, close to Casa Vernescu that is a recognized landmark in Romania. The casino attracts a classy and elegant crowd, ideal for a night out, as it contains a bar, restaurant, and lounge apart from its game section. The casino is a must-see because of its architecture and variety of games.

It offers over 100 slot machines, video poker machines, table games, multigame machines, etc. The casino remains open, 24/7. There are no fixed cash games or poker tournaments in Palace Casino, however, interestingly the casino holds several eye-catching events regularly. If you want to mix sightseeing with your favorite casino games, this majestic land-based casino is ideal.

Online Casinos in Romania

Online casinos are both legal and popular in Romania. When it comes to Romanian online casinos, they offer favorable welcome bonuses and promotions. They are also quite versatile with their online games selection and offer topnotch security features to provide players with safe and transparent online gambling games.

Here is the list of the most popular online casinos in Romania:

  • NetBet.
  • Unibet.
  • Betfair.
  • 888 Casino.
  • Betano.
  • WinBet.
  • Fortuna.
  • Circus.

Online Casinos were made legal in Romania back in 2010 and has recorded over 2,000 illegal and blacklisted casino sites. There are some specific laws to look out for when you want to gamble online in Romania.

  • Romania does not allow any offshore gambling websites, which are the sites that are licensed from other countries. All the online casinos in Romania should be legalized by Romanian laws and regulations, the EU, EEA, or the Swiss Confederation.
  • All gambling operators in Romania must put their players through a KYC process, which has been enhanced to prevent money laundering.
  • Romania also allows players to self-exclude from gambling sites, and the casinos are required by law to discontinue promotions and advertisements related to gambling.

You can play bingo, slots, the lottery, poker, sports betting, tombola, keno, table games, and many other casino games as seen fit by the National Gambling office. 

Poker in Romania

Poker is one of the most popular gambling activities in Romania. The country has many land-based casinos and poker clubs that have been licensed to provide poker games to players. 

Apart from land-based casinos, there is a wide range of online poker sites and games that has to be in line with specific laws and regulations, if you want to enjoy online poker to the best. Some of these laws are elaborated below: 

  • In Romania, poker is a part of the category for online casino games. This way, any website that offers online casino games also offers poker. 
  • The country also regulates all poker tournaments and festivals. 
  • Land-based operators can only hold tournaments when they notify the National Gambling office.

You can play poker on a wide range of Romania sites, including Unibet, BetOnline, BlackChip Poker, ACR, and more. If you’re looking to play poker at a land-based casino, casinos in Bucharest are top places to play, especially those that offer cash games and poker tournaments. You can also enjoy sightseeing and fun in the capital of Romania.  

Sports Betting, Horse Racing, and Bingo in Romania

Along with Poker, games like bingo and sports betting are also very popular in Romania, and the country offers two licensed bingo operators for land-based players. The bingo operators offer bingo halls and even a bingo TV show. Romania allows, according to laws:

  • Land-based bingo games.
  • Bingo games organized on television.
  • Online bingo games.

Sports betting is also popular in Romania, but not as much as it is in other countries. Many Romanians prefer to bet on football, handball, tennis, basketball, rugby, and gymnastics. Sports betting is allowed both offline and online. It is not regulated in the Romanian gambling legislation but is placed under the rules for fixed-odds betting. 

There is no horse racing in Romania.

Romanian Cities and Towns with Casinos - A - Z

  • Brașov
  • Bucharest
  • Constanța
  • Craiova
  • Galați
  • Jimbolia
  • Piatra Neamț
  • Ploiești
  • Sânnicolau Mare
  • Sinaia
  • Suceava
  • Târgu Jiu
  • Târgu Mureș
  • Timișoara


Q1) Is gambling legal in Romania?
A1) Yes, gambling is legal in Romania.

Q2) What is the gambling age in Romania?
A2) 18 is the legal age for gambling in Romania.

Q3) Are online casinos legal in Romania?
A3) Online Casino’s are both legal and widespread in Romania.

Q4) How many casinos in Romania?
A4) There are twenty Casinos in Romania, from which eight biggest sites are located in Bucharest, and rest are spread over different towns & cities.