Baccarat Background

Don a suit and play the glamorous table game called Baccarat. This game is as classy and elegant as the movie it became famous for: the classic James Bond films. However, with Live Baccarat, there really is no need for you to drive your luxury vehicle and head to a high-class land-based casino. Evolution Gaming, the game provider, has made it possible for Baccarat fans to enjoy the game right in the comfort of their homes. 

This classic live dealer game from Evolution Gaming is streamed in real time from a real casino studio. Complete with user-friendly features and interface, high-quality video, and a host of trained croupiers, this game gives players an immersive casino table game experience. It’s something that seasoned gamblers will get excited about.

Before we start playing against other players and the live dealers, let us first get to know more about this classic game variant.

Design and feel

Play on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The design of Live Baccarat is truly top class, as expected from one of the best live gaming softwares in the industry, Evolution Gaming. The game is designed to look professional and as immersive as possible. Players can choose between Casino View (if you prefer to look at the dealer) or Game View (if you want to focus one the card action happening on the table). 

The graphics is crisp and the game is streamed live. The game features high-quality video, extra-large icons, and user-friendly interface. When you enter the game, just  pick an avatar and then place your bets.  On the Settings menu, one can also join another live dealer table without leaving the current table. 

There is a live chat feature which allows you to interact with the professional dealer in case you encounter any issues. There is a chat dialogue box, as well, which is displayed on the top part of the screen. Just a word of caution, the message you wrote and those of other players will show up in this dialogue box. 

There is even a History section, which gives you detailed information on how you fared in prior games. Here, you will get to see a clear view of your stats presented in the form of five scoreboards. This lets you keep track of your games. Everything is made professionally, designed to make players feel like they are in an actual land-based casino table game. 

Game Play

When you enter the game on the device of your choice, you are immediately greeted by a good-looking, professional live dealer. The dealers are as attractive as the game itself.

If you have played Baccarat before in a land-based casino, then you would find the mechanics for Live Baccarat easy.  This game follows the rules of classic baccarat. As a rule, you just place a bet on the Banker or Player, or a tie bet. 

Here’s how the game works. The dealer deals two hands, offering two cards each to the Player and to the Banker. The points will then be calculated once the two cards have been dealt each to the Player and Banker. The card is worth its face value. However, the “10” card and the royal cards are equivalent to zero points. If you calculate the two cards and you end up with double-digit points, only the last digit is counted. For example, if the calculated point is 14, only the last digit, which is 4, counts. The game is fast and easy, which explains why it’s quite popular across the globe. It is even more popular in Asia. 

If you are feeling lazy or you want to step away from your device (without actually leaving the game) to attend to other things, then you can use the game’s Autobet feature. This feature lets you line up your play or bets for several rounds. You can also select the Repeat button to automatically double your bet.

There is also a side bet option. This means that you choose to bet on a Banker Pair or Player Pair. A side bet wins if the initial cards dealt comprise a pair. 

Third-Card Rule

As mentioned, only two cards are dealt by the dealer each to the Banker and the Player. However, there are instances that call for a third card. This is called the Three Card Rule. 

This happens when the value of either hand is 0 to 7 inclusive. If the value is 0 to 5, the Player’s hand must draw. However, if the value is 6 to 7, the Player’s hand must stand. On the part of the Banker, if the value is 0 to 2, the Banker’s hand must draw. If it’s 7, the Banker’s hand must stand. 

However, if the value is 3 to 6 (for the Banker’s hand), then a third card will be given to the Player’s hand to determine a draw or stand. If the Banker’s third card decision depends on the Player’s third card, then these rules apply: If the Player’s hand stands on 6,7, a two-card hand (Banker’s hand) with a total of 3,4,5 must draw. If the Banker’s hand totals 6, Banker’s hand must stand. 

Odds and Payoffs

The payoff for classic Live Baccarat is as follows: winning Player bet is 1 to 1; winning Banker bet is 0.95 to 1; and winning Tie bet is 8 to 1. Thus, if you place a bet on the Player and the Player wins, you will scoop a 1 to 1 winning. However, if you place a bet on the Banker and win,you will only get 0.95 to 1 winning (because of the 5% commission). These are for normal wagers.

Side bets are different. For instance, if you place a side bet on the Player or the Banker, and the cards are of the same denomination, you win the side bet. This means that you will get an extra payout of 11 to 1.

RTP Percentage

Live Baccarat is known for its low house edge. It has a relatively high RTC percentage. A bet on the Banker has a 98.94% RTP; while a bet on the Player has a 98.76%. This is why it’s a popular game, especially to the high-rollers. 


Live Baccarat is a great online version of the classic table game. With only 20 seconds between each deal, you’re in for some fast table game action. It’s also easy to learn, which makes this game appealing even to new players. With everything kept professional and immersive, you’ll get to enjoy a real casino atmosphere without actually leaving your home.