Best Time to Play Online Slots Overview

You may have heard from someone about the best time to play online slots. You begin to wonder if there really is such as a thing as the best time of the day to play slots to increase your chances of winning. Is there? We hate to break it to you, but the short answer is: no there isn’t.

Part of this is myth or sheer luck. Maybe it just so happened that when your friend played online slots on a particular time of day, he got lucky. It’s largely just a player’s superstition; and hence, the answer would differ if you ask different players. Thus, you will get a conflicting answer as to what is the best or the worst time of the day to play slots.

To settle the debate, and since the question has some merit, we will further discuss online slots and the best time to play them.

No Best Time to Play

Online slots are a game of chance, or you can say, a game of luck. There really is no perfect time to play the game to increase your chances. It just doesn’t work that way.

To know why, it’s important that we understand how online slots work. The results that we get on a spin are determined by a virtrual strp cointaining thousands of symbols for each reel. The strips and the distribution of the symbols for each of these reels are quite long and complicated. You cannot simply find the perfect time to get the results that you want because, one, this virtual strip is longer than what you think, and second, the results are randomly generated.

Slots are programmed to produce a random number for each of the reels. Thus, the combinations you get are randomly generated. The symbols will line up differently and you cannot guess when it will give you a winning combination. It’s called a random number generator because, as the term suggests, it’s all random.

When you hit the spin button, you see animations and you think there is still something you can do to get the results that you want. Sorry to disappoint you, but as soon as you hit that button, the results are already determined.

You won’t be able to affect the random number generator. You can’t influence the results based on the time of day or night you play or if you’re playing at a time when more people are playing the same online slot game. These factors won’t affect the results. There is no such thing as peak time or hot time. Just wish on better luck and enjoy the game.

Get Better Value with Promotions

You can’t change the fact that online slots are randomly generated. This does not mean that you cannot be strategic about when you play. There’s nothing you can do about the results of the online slots. However, you can still find a better “timing.” When we say “timing,” we’re actually referring to making the most out of promotions.

There are various ways in which you can get better value with online slot promotions. Schedule your time and play when certain promotions are offered (because during these times, you’ll get better value and higher winnings in case you hit a winning combo). The idea is to get as much promotional value that you can when you play certain online slots.

Now let’s take a look at reel races, leaderboard tournaments, and cashback rewards.

Reel Races and Leaderboard Tournaments

In these types of promotions, you can find the best time to play to get better value. The idea behind these promotions will put you up on a leaderboard. The people in the leaderboard who get most points will get extra prizes, whether bonuses or cash.

Why is timing important in these promotions? It’s because you cannot simply enter these reel races or leaderboard tournaments anytime you want. There’s only a certain time where you can make a deposit in order to qualify for these types of promotions.

Timing also has to do with increasing your chances of getting that prize spot. The earliest you can start playing in these events, the better. These promotions usually last a day up to a week. When you start early, you get to try out the game first and test out whether you have a chance to win the leaderboard or not. If you feel like other players are close to getting the prize spot, then you can quit early.

On the other hand, if you join the event late, the leaderboard will be close to a paid spot by then. Since you’re late in the game, you’re short on time of getting a shot at taking home the prized bonus or cash. That is why it is important to watch out for announcements from the casino regarding an upcoming reel race or leaderboard tournament.

Cashback Rewards

Many online casinos offer cashback deals. Depending on the casino’s terms and conditions, you will get extra value when you play on certain days or certain hours. Hence, if you want to get the most out of the money you’re wagering, then it’s better if you play when special cashback deals are on. It’s more about getting the best overall value.


Now going back to the question: is there a best time to play online slots? If you’re referring to the peak times, the answer is no. The results of the online slots, as we’ve mentioned, are randomly generated. Hence, all these talk about playing at this hour to increase your chances of winning is just a myth, a superstition.

However, if you are referring to timing to get a better value (and not exactly changing the results of the online slots), then the answer is yes. You can time promotions to get more value from them. While the results of the online slots are random and winning them will largely depend on luck and coincidence, you can get the most out of it by timing your promotions. In case you’ll hit a winning combination, you’ll get a higher prize.