£1 Deposit Casino Overview

Before we fully commit to an online casino, we usually want to test out some games first. We want to get a feel of the online casino and decide if we’ll continue exploring or not. Fortunately, most online casinos allow us to try out their games either through a welcome bonus.

Online casinos welcome new players either with a no deposit bonus or a very low minimum deposit. In this article, we will focus on the latter. With just a minimum of 1 pound, you will be able to claim the bonus and start playing. Let’s find out what these £1 Deposit Casinos are.

A Very Low Minimum Deposit Casino is Quite Rare

In the UK, as elsewhere, there are not that many online casinos that accept a minimum deposit of £1. It’s understandable, since online casino transactions, like all other transactions conducted online, come with a cost. When you’re shopping online, you are required to purchase a minimum amount before you can use your card, right? It’s similar with online casinos.

For every transaction, there is a corresponding fee. Online casinos have to pay a certain fee and a percentage of the amount deposited. However, since the casinos use different payment providers, some pay higher fees than others. Because of this, a £1 Deposit Casino is quite rare. Fortunately, we’ve still found a few online casinos in the UK that accept a deposit for as low as £1.

£1 Deposit Casino in the UK

We have only found two online casinos in the UK that accept a minimum of £1 deposit. These are as follows:

  • Zodiac Casino
    Established in 2001, Zodiac Casino offers a £1 deposit bonus. For such a low bonus, players will receive 80 Free Spins.
  • Casino Classic
    Another casino that offers a £1 deposit bonus is the Casino Classic. This old online casino was established in 1999 and has since then offered impressive bonuses for a low minimum deposit amount. Players will receive 40 Free Spins for a minimum deposit of £1.

Get the Most Out of Your £1

Here’s the catch: a £1 deposit is usually only available on certain deposit methods. Make sure that before you make your first deposit, you thoroughly check which deposit method or methods are the low minimum deposit available.

The reason why a 1 pound deposit method is only available in certain deposit methods is because different payment providers have different policies and fees. Most likely, the online casino will make the low minimum deposit bonus available only on deposits made through providers with relatively lower fees.

Aside from the deposit method, you must also find out first which currency is accepted. Some casinos accept both UK pound and US dollars; others accept more currencies. If, for instance, the deposit method only accepts US Dollars, you may have to pay more than £1 due to the conversion fees and rates.

No Deposit Bonus Casinos

A very low minimum deposit bonus is fit for new players who have a small gambling budget. It’s a great way to test out some games and get a feel of the casino if you are on a tight budget. However, a £1 deposit casino is not your only option. There are online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus or no deposit free spins, which are even better.

So which is better? At first glance, a No Deposit Bonus is better than a £1 Deposit Bonus. However, it will ultimately depend on the wagering requirements attached to the bonus.

For instance, a No Deposit Bonus may require a higher wagering requirement and even impose a capped winning. This means that you won’t be able or it will be difficult for you to claim your winnings. In such a case, a £1 Deposit Bonus.with low wagering requirement and no capped winning is better.

Match Bonus and Wagering Requirement

A very low deposit bonus doesn’t automatically mean that it’s worth trying though. Similar to a No Bonus Deposit, a £1 Deposit Bonus may impose a wagering requirement. Hence, the match bonus and the corresponding wagering requirement will ultimately determine whether or not the bonus is worth it.

If the match bonus is just 100%, then you will only get about 1 pound in bonus money. It’s quite low if you’re aiming to take home some winnings. A high wagering requirement will also make it difficult for you to cash out any real money winnings. Weigh all these before you decide to try out the bonus or go elsewhere.

The Worth of Your £1

Some people may find £1 a lot. Others are willing to spend more on a casino deposit. It ultimately depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on online gambling. For this amount, you can buy an item from a store.

However, for the same amount, you can already test out games on certain casinos through Free Spins. Depending on the match bonus and the wagering requirement, you can even actually take home real money if you’re in luck. For instance, at Zodiac Casino, you can have 80 chances to win with their 80 Free Spins.

With such a low minimum deposit, you can do a lot with a casino like Zodiac Casino or Casino Classic. If you’re really low on money, you can try out No Deposit Casinos as well.


The goal is not only to win, although it would be great if you’ll convert your £1 to actual winnings. More than winning, you can use this as an opportunity to get the hang of the casino games and get the feel of the online casino.

Is it worth it? Or are the better online casinos out there? You will be able to answer these questions after trying out the games and enjoying generous bonus and free spins for as low as 1 pound. Whatever your goal is in being at an online casino, just don’t forget to enjoy the money and have fun while playing.